On Demand Systems


Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tankless hot water heaters  provide the advantage of a continuous supply of on demand hot water.

Although the rental cost is higher than conventional hot water tanks, the space savings and efficiency can make these systems work for you.

Builder Specifications

design specs

The Home Builder is responsible for ensuring that the equipment is sized and installed in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions, applicable regulations, code provisions and good trade practices.

Benefits of Tankless hot water heaters

  • Continuous supply of hot water 1
  • Compact installation
  • Most efficient supply of hot water 2

1Limited to specified flow rate in gallons/minute
2Comparisons will be affected by water usage patterns. Products are constantly changing and comparisons can vary over time.

Combination Tankless Water Heaters

Combination tankless water heaters, commonly called boilers, work in a similar manner to the tankless hot water systems. Boilers will typically provide hot water serving the needs of a home for both domestic hot water and home heating. Boiler systems may include three components, the boiler, a hot water storage tank and an air handler with a heat exchange coil.

These systems bring many of the same advantages of the tankless hot water system while providing both domestic hot water & space heating.

Benefits of combination systems

  • Compact installation for limited space requirements
  • One system delivers both home heating & domestic hot water

Combination Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

Benefits of combination systems

. . . PLUS

  • Flexible design
  • On demand hydronics for space heating & domestic water
  • DIGITECH control system for ease of use & diagnostics
  • Quality stainless steel heat exchanger for efficiency & reliability
  • Energy Star approval with third party confirmation on select models
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