Advantages of Rent vs Buy


Renting your home comfort systems provides you with these advantages:

  • You save the up front costs for the home comfort equipment,
  • You have the assurance of all repairs, parts and replacement costs, *
  • 24/7 Emergency service is just a phone call away,
  • Predictable monthly payments with flexible payment options.

When purchasing home comfort products such as: water heaters, home heating or air conditioning, there are many factors you should consider over and above the selling price of the equipment.

* Included for life of the equipment subject to standard rental terms and conditions.

Installation, Delivery & Sales Tax

Advertised prices may not include these additional costs. Be sure to get a full quote for comparison.

Making the Best Choices for your Home

Selecting the right home comfort system requires considerable knowledge and experience.

There are many considerations that can make a difference in performance and your satisfaction. The reliability of the equipment, the dependability of the manufacturer, the specifications of the equipment and the various options that are now available in home comfort systems.

When you purchase a home with Allianze rental service, all of these consideration have been made based on 40 years of experience in the industry.

Service & Parts Replacement Costs

Over the "expected life" (approximately 15 years), a water heater typically requires service an average of 3 times. Service and repairs can occur at the most inopportune time and can be costly. (See example in the chart). With our rental equipment we provide service and repair at no additional cost to you.

Warranty Coverage

Although some manufactures may warrant some parts, read the fine print under warranty. Find out what is not covered under warranty, such as labour, and other conditions that may apply.

If you purchased your unit from a retailer, who will you call for warranty service?

Length of Time in Your New Home

If you are planning to sell your home, you may not recover the value of your home comfort equipment in the sale price to the new owner. Our rental agreements are transferable of the sale of your home.

Upgrading your Current System

Allianze power corp does provide customers with Rental Agreements the option to upgrade their rental equipment. In order to apply for an upgrade your account must be current. The following charges will apply to all upgrades:

  • Cost to remove existing equipment and install the new equipment (installation charges),
  • If the current equipment is damaged, there will be a charge for repairs to the equipment.

Installation charges will vary based on your situation. Here are some specific requirements that will effect the installation charges for an upgrade:

Please note that depending on the specific configuration of your system, an upgrade may not be possible.

Call us to request information about an upgrade.